Maponga Joshua III


Maponga Joshua Ill has spent years in the corporate, religious and social space- a time that has made him own the title a ‘creative powerhouse’. There are those who think inside the box, there are those who think outside the box and then those who break the box and think-he is one of those who break the box and think. He lives and breathes change; his dynamic thinking has surely broken social religious, economic, national boundaries.


Maponga is the CEO of the institute Farmers of Thought, a core business a consciousness and improve the quality of hu-man experiences than the quantity of days. He is a pragmatic African citizen with a global view “Think globally and act local-ly” as he says it. He plays dozen music instruments, he is an author, life coach and social entrepreneur-indeed is a man of no limitations.


Maponga is a graduate of Andrews University (Berrien Springs Michigan USA); he holds a Degree in Philosophy (BA Theolo-gy) and Persona Ministries, with a variety of Outcome based qualifications from international institutes such as ILO (Inter- national Labor Organization).

He Thinks - He Writes - He Speaks

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